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Respected clients of JTP

Management of our company "Job Travel Possible" sincerely thanks you for looking for a job abroad with our services.

We will do everything possible to help every client to find a job in the United Arab Emirates and in Poland. We work only with reliable and verified employers. Official employment, both in the United Arab Emirates and in Poland, is a necessary condition in cooperation between us and our partners.

Connecting us, you can be sure that we will be with you from the very beginning of your search for work abroad, and as long as you will need us. Hundreds of our clients are already successfully working in the United Arab Emirates and Poland. We actively communicate with every client that has been already employed, and in turn they are happy to share with us their impressions about the work in the UAE and in Poland. They send us photos, videos, tell us about conditions of work and living abroad (everyone can see photos and videos of our customers at work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in our personal group in VK or in the section "Work in the UAE" — Photos; also pictures of employed in Poland - on our website, in section "Work in Poland" — Photos).

If you still thinking whether you want to work abroad or not, and looking for pros and cons of working in the UAE or not sure that work in Poland is what you need, you can always contact us for a free consultation. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns about employment abroad. They will tell you about all the advantages and even never forget to mention the disadvantages of working in the UAE in Poland. Also consult you about available job vacancies in UAE and Poland, and if we don't have such we will definitely contact with our partners in United Arab Emirates / Poland and find out whether they have vacancy for the position that interests you.

We are interested in qualified and productive cooperation with each our client. We would wish that each time you visit our office, website or call you will feel only positive emotions! We appreciate each our client and for our part we provide only qualified service. By contacting us, you can be sure that we will respect all your wishes and will do everything to make you satisfied with the result of our work.

So, why exactly working abroad?

Everyone has his own motives and goals to get a job abroad, but we are all united with a strong desire to find exactly that place as it said «liking» with nice conditions of work and stable income. For many years employment abroad discovers brighter future for specialists of our country and the countries of the former Soviet Union than the work in the companies of the own state. And it is not only a significantly higher wages, the most important and conclusive advantage in overseas companies is the employee's compliance with all the laws of the country. It guarantees respectful attitude towards yourself as an employee, and 100% execution of all prescribed conditions of your employment contract.

The same way it's very important to have an experience that can be obtained by working abroad. It's simply priceless! Only work abroad helps to develop a multiculturalism person, you will learn how to interact with people of different cultures and nationalities, it will be useful to you both in work and in life! In the foreign companies in employment, work experience abroad is taken into account in the first place and puts you in a more favorable light to employers! At employment in foreign countries work experience abroad is taken into account in the first place and puts you in a more favorable light to employers! Having experience of working in foreign countries, you can continue your career at home and you are guaranteed to attract attention to your candidacy and increase your chances of employment in the most prestigious companies!

The company JTP will help each applicant:

1. Make correct and effective summary for employment in the UAE and in Poland;
2. Get all the information about the vacancies and potential employers, and learn labor conditions and payment, living conditions, etc., (about the work in the UAE and in Poland);
3. Prepare all necessary documents (for work in Poland and in the United Arab Emirates);
4. Pass an interview with the employer for legal employment. (in UAE and Poland);
5. Make the right choice that will fill your life with bright emotions!

During our cooperation with foreign employers JTP company has earned the reputation of a reliable and stable partner that you can trust. Almost every day our client base is updated with new and exciting vacancies in the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, casinos, boutiques in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which gives us the opportunity to help you find your dream job! Dozens of jobs for those who want to work in the UAE or in Poland are waiting for their applicants. Do not miss your chance to get your dream job abroad!